2017-18 Proposed Election Slate of Candidates

Chicago Section IFT is pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 Leadership Election. This process includes notifying you of the slate of candidates identified for CSIFT 2017–2018 Officers and the Board of Directors.

IFT runs the election process so CSIFT members will receive the election notification via IFT. Watch for your election ballot to arrive via email. The election opens January 31, 2017 and closes March 2, 2017.

Candidates for Officers

Candidate for Chair Elect - Michael Carson, Food Technologist II at Little Lady Foods

I have been an active member of Chicago IFT since 2008. My first volunteer opportunity was developing the New Professionals group for our section. We tripled the number of event attendees in my time with the committee by providing unique networking opportunities that helped cultivate business relationships among newer members. Additionally, I've served as Chair of the IFT New Professional Task Force for 2 years and an Ex-Comm member for 2+ years. My focus as Chair will be to provide an inclusive and exceptional membership experience for all members, and to maintain the prestige of our section.

Candidate for Treasurer: 3 year term - John Budin, Product Safety and Quality Director at FONA International, Inc.

John Budin, former Chair and current Acting Treasurer of the Chicago Section IFT, is employed as Product Safety & Quality Director for FONA International, Inc. John has dedicated many years of volunteer service to the Chicago Section IFT. Prior to being elected as CSIFT Chair, John contributed his time and effort to multiple committee activities dedicated to educational and professional development.

Recently, he stepped back in the role of CSIFT Acting Chair to complete the term of a CSIFT Chair who relocated to a different city. John was instrumental in the creation of the CSIFT-initiated Chicagoland Food Science Foundation.

Candidate for Secretary: 3 year term - Jennifer Farrell, Product Development Scientist, PepsiCo

Jennifer Farrell works at PepsiCo as a product development scientist for the Quaker productivity group. She is a Food Science graduate of Purdue University. “Jenn” has been an IFT member for 8 years, beginning as a volunteer with the IFT Student Association and as a participant in the product development competition and college bowl. Since graduating, she has served on the Chicago Section IFT scholarship committee and as a volunteer at the CSIFT Golf Outing. She served as CSIFT Secretary for the past 2 years and was recently appointed as Secretary for the Chicago Food Science Foundation.

Candidates for the Executive Committee

Anisa Bassi, Sales Manager at Vestis Group

I have been involved with CSIFT for 3 years; serving as a Marketing Committee member, Social Media Communications Chair and now Marketing Committee Co-Chair. Participating in CSIFT has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, expanding my network within the food industry and allowing me to gain valuable experience by being involved with such an esteemed section. I hope to use my role on the Executive Committee to encourage new/different opportunities to foster growth, further promote the CSIFT brand and help to make the important decisions which will shape the future and continued success of our section.

Megan Godin, Senior Food Scientist at Newly Weds Foods

I have been a Co-Chair of the Chicago Section New Professional’s Committee for the past 1.5 years. My goal is to help those new to the industry feel welcome amongst their peers, and to encourage them to become involved in the IFT. I believe by reducing the cost of dinners and/or holding more networking events in the city, we could entice more young professionals to attend. Those new to the industry are the future of our program, so it is my main focus to increase New Professional and New Member involvement across the board.

Anthony Hawrylicz, Sales Manager at Medix Scientific

I joined the IFT Chicago Section in 2015 and attended most of the Dinner Meetings to further my knowledge of the Food & Beverage industry. I also volunteered for the CSIFT employment committee. Shortly thereafter, the committee chair stepped down. I volunteered to take on the responsibility. My vision as chair for this committee has been to not just assist students, but to also help the unemployed and passive job-seeking members of our section. As an EXCOM committee member, I would also like to increase awareness of CSIFT in the Chicagoland food and beverage industry through more events and fundraisers.

Laura Saran, Project Manager/Consultant

I first joined IFT as a student while at Purdue University. Once in the professional world, I immediately joined the CSIFT. Currently, I am committee chair for the Hospitality Committee and serve on the Supplier’s Night committee. In 2016, I was nominated in 2016 to fill a temporary slot on the Executive Committee vacated by an EXCOM member that relocated. I would like to expand my engagement and voice in CSIFT as a full-term member of the Executive Committee. I have a lot to contribute and can help our great organization grow and improve its value to Food Science professionals.

Lisa Sprang, CFS, Director Product Development, Griffith Foods Inc.

It is an honor to be nominated for the Executive Committee of Chicago Section IFT. I have worked in the food industry for 26 years, and have been a member of Chicago Section for 20 years. The past few years I have been an Ambassador, and I always enjoy volunteering at Suppliers Night and the National IFT meetings in Chicago. It would be a privilege to represent the CSIFT members, and I would look forward to the opportunity to help contribute to the future success of the Section.

Joe Stout, Principal at The Chicago Food Guy

I am a Food Ingredient Expert with more-than 40 years of work experience in the food processing industry. I previously served as Chair of the Chicago Section IFT (2005) and undertook the leadership role in building up our CSIFT Supplier's Night event between 1985 to 2012, serving on the Forum, Registration, and Expo sub committees and as overall chairman on multiple occasions. I also served on the membership committee. I would very much like to continue in a leadership role, developing new member value for our Chicago Section IFT as a member of the Executive Committee.

Deepa Thakar, National Food Technical Sales Manager at EMSL Analytical

As a Food industry veteran for the past 25 years, CSIFT has allowed me to network with others in the food industry and forge professional relationships that have helped my career. I was co-chair for the membership committee for almost 2 years. I was nominated in 2016 to temporarily fill a slot on the Executive Committee vacated by an EXCOM member that relocated. I know that I can continue to add value to the Executive Committee. This will allow me to have a greater voice in the CSIFT activities and I very much look forward to this next challenge


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